3 profitable businesses in the village that you can try

3 usaha di kampung yang menguntungkan dan bisa dicoba

3 businesses in the village that are profitable and can be tried - Are business opportunities in that village very profitable? That is the thought that exists in some people and many people think that life in the village is very difficult and opportunities to get a job and money are getting less .but the facts say that in the village it can also create a job opportunity to be able to build their own business which is done by the villagers.

In big cities, there are many business opportunities and that is only about 50 to 50, from the fact that those of you who live in rural areas should think about being able to develop a business in the village because there are quite a few business opportunities for participants who also get lucrative benefits.

Sometimes you also have obstacles such as ideas or opponents of how to open a home business that can be done in the village or in the village.

Chicken farmer business opportunities in the village

In order to build a native chicken livestock business, there is a great opportunity to become an existing business in your village, because according to data taken in 2016, the demand for native chickens can be fulfilled up to 30%, this fact can be a home-based business opportunity. is in your village and this can be tried if you are interested.

However, if you are a beginner, you don't have to be passionate about buying thousands of native chickens, but you can start a business with a system that is generally used, the system is the umbaran system and the intensive system of the umbaran system used by rural communities to raise chickens.

The internet has a feed and cage management system because it does not have and has special provisions where indeed your system does not only provide a simple view that can be used for betutu chickens and rest at night. The rest of the chickens will be left to find their own food.

Doing online business in the village

The internet that has currently reached the villages can be used to become a home business opportunity in this business village or online business, you can do it and can try where an online business or internet marketing is a very potential business and this is a business that flexible enough where you can control anytime from anywhere and what else do you want you still have internet access.

before we are able to run an online business we must have a market survey first where later, if we know what products are needed and are often sought after by the community using the internet, your business oath pool must make a site or blog whose history is where selling takes place buy.

Business by selling unique culinary delights

A culinary business or food culinary business is very successful wherever it is run, including if the business is opened in the village or in the city, if you have a hobby for you to cook food, there is nothing wrong with being born in the village.

The types of food businesses are somewhat different in the city, but basically the food that is most sought after is more or less the same, for example, the most sought-after food in the village is fried cave, chicken noodle or meatball, and many other kinds.

In running a business, you need a player and want to ask, it's quite cheap depending on what you eat and what you sell and make, but you definitely have to adjust the food according to the market.


The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to the insight of friends who have had it wrong, sorry, thank you for reading this book, it can be useful so that other friends can attach it.

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