5 Colors That Mean Product Marketing

Marketers and graphic designers have known for a long time that the choice of color greatly influences marketing activities. 

based on a special study conducted by a marketing expert in choosing colors to increase a business's sales conversion by up to 24%. This means that color alone can make potential customers interested in deciding to buy a product.

 1. Red color 

Red is the color that symbolizes courage and strength, usually this color quickly catches the attention of many people when the person looks at it. Red or the color is very popular because many people know its nature. In marketing, please do not overdo it.

 2. Blue color 

blue is a color that is commonly used in business because most people like each other. This color gives the impression of cheating confidence, stability and professionalism. often this color is paired with other eye-catching colors to get good results for brending purposes.

3. Green color 

The color icon of life that we often associate with natural colors or the growth of new things. This green color is versatile and contains elements of activity and gives a pleasant taste to people who can see green. That role green represents the environment and good intentions and don't forget that green creates thoughts of wealth 

4. Pink color 

when we talk about pink or pink our thoughts must be directed at a woman. This color is very suitable for building targeted business targets to the young women market. So if a business wants to attract the attention of young women then choosing pink won't go wrong.

 5. Yellow color 

As with red, yellow is a strong color, which becomes the most dangerous color when its application is inappropriate or inappropriate. in the use of yellow in branding and brand marketing activities is to give a fresh and uplifting impression with this color consumers can think that businesses have good ability and confidence. 


The following is my article this time, I hope that reading it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading.

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