Analyzing a color of our efforts in branding and marketing

Menganalisa sebuah warna upaya kita dalam branding serta marketing

Analyzing a color of our efforts in branding and marketing - the usual marketing efforts start from using several colors before discussing it let's try to close the matos all colleagues and we have to first imagine who the site is famous for, you can see maybe is a picture abstract consisting of blobs of color and a brand logo.

what we need to understand from the developer of a site is that the image it triggers can appear in the minds of millions of other visitors after visiting your site. So our main goal to determine colors is about marketing needs where the colors can be the most promotion. attractive and effective.

wondering when we give a color which is the right one can increase the likelihood of our site visitors or consumers Until a certain target for example in order to increase sales. Today we began to believe some colors have such a big influence on consumer interest. But in fact, do all the colors have an effect or have an effect.

Explore color theory

coloring there is a theory that can help us to choose colors for certain purposes such as we have to choose to influence the target target audience, and also can see visitors beat them to a destination that we can expect, aunt is arguably with the name color theory wonder from the point it has long been used by successful designers and artists in the world.

the levels of influence of visual content are actually influenced a lot from the combination or the colors which in the end will later affect the actions that can be taken later. And related to some color theory we have been able to find it for a long time in 1435. renaissance in Italy.

besides that the names of Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton and some researchers whiten about only three colors, namely blue yellow and red. And when the theory is increasingly in modernization there are several opinions from the output appearing which create other terms related to some shadows of cheerful colors. and color saturation. These three categories are the basic relationship of the human psychologist to color.

What color and meaning is behind it

people, this color is a color the t can convey a message of energy optimism that is collected. This color is right for marketing sports products when we can use our orange color to give an impression to potential customers. Our business is a business that can be professional.


This yellow color conveys a certain message of warning or attention, which is almost the same as red, but this color is directed towards things that are convenience and comfort.

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