How to make zara famous by spending advertising money

Do you think all of these slip non-advertising word boards? Most of us know that advertising is an effective marketing tool for increasing sales and brand recognition. we can pay attention to the name of a restaurant whose names are simultaneously listed in all media, 

it turns out that this is not an advertisement from my own time this is a one-to-one coupling strategy with a local bank where credit card offers and fun themselves choose the Ingredient brand. 

Great without that ad Zara

We certainly know very well about this brand or print under the name Zara. This is a brand that makes middle-class clothing originating from the country of Spain and has penetrated into the biggest fashion retail brand in the world. 

Because in 2012 for Zahra has more than 5800 including in 2000 in Spain. When the European country experienced a recession, this band even rose to all the top of the world fashion business. It is also unique about Zahra growing up due to being a well-known fashion with less advertising costs for the materials or products they sell. 

Yara doesn't tweet often on Twitter which is how retail businesses do. according to a statement that Zahra has never conducted any campaign marketing and also has no striking marketing division because its competitors can collaborate with famous fashion designers like Stella. 

The area itself has never had such a partnership with a top designer and has never tried to have the product on the labels of the rich or high class. The designer from Zara fashion is really an antonym for people saying that they are made from machines a copier than the designer said. 

The marketing of the index is like the real estate business as companies often invest in massive beauty appeal by store locations and their history cannot be beat. 

Closing remarks 

The following is my article this time I hope that reading it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful it can be shared with others

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