Market research understands types and examples

Market research understands types and examples - market research is a research research activity that can be carried out in the field of marketing. This activity can provide an overview or information about a product or service that can bring all the benefits to a business that will run later. market research provides all information in terms of customer satisfaction with an item in the company.

Market research understanding

In simple terms, market research means activities or research that can be carried out in the field of marketing of goods. From the explanation of the definition, we can understand that from the activities of looking for market research it can be done systematically. In general, the following is the market research process:

The first is problem formulation Second, the determination of research objectives The third is to collect data The fourth is processing a data The last is the interpretation of research results With a market research, they can find out what companies consumers really need and what quality is needed from consumers, and they can determine who their potential targets are to generate profits that are many times more.

Some kind of market research

There are two types of market research:

Primary reset

The information and data in a primary research come from respondents or their research targets who directly or from a primary research objective are to be able to collect and collect information and collect data from a current market condition.

Secondary research

The data and information obtained from this research come from reports or application of things that are published in general, so from that purpose a secondary reset is to be able to recognize analyzing a data that is essentially available and then will be used as a consideration and material for making strategies in marketing.

The goal of market research

The activities in this research are only intended to collect market information or data, both the market competitors, the business environment and their targets There are three main goals in market research:

1. to be able to analyze the market from an analysis will give the name potential information for a product or service.

2. can analyze a response from the market, the product which will be reset later, what will provide information about the product or service in the market, the process can be done from the assessment before the product is launched by conducting a survey.

3. Analysis of the promotional effectiveness of your activities can also help and tonight and choose an effective promotional media from your target market.


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